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Soft Wearables & Exosuits

Herowear Apex 2 Exosuit

Alpha Quantix: US Nationwide Distribution


Back Support Exosuit
Ground to Waist Lift Support

The first back-assist exosuit built from the ground up for both men and women, designed to reduce strain on the back while fitting like a comfortable piece of clothing.

* Up to 75 pounds relief from back strain 
* Reduction of 40% of muscular fatigue 
* Ergonomic lift & posture assistance
* Improved endurance and task precision
* Increase safety and mitigate risk of injury

* Textile-based modular design with gender-flexible fit
* Easy on/off back switching mechanism
* Fast donning, doffing and adjustment for fit & function
* Comprised of 4 components with more than 50 fit combinations
* Comfortable and lightweight (3.4 lbs)

Ergo Sante Hapo Front

Alpha Quantix: US Nationwide Distribution


Shoulder & Arm Soft Exoskeleton
Waist to Head Lift Support

The only shoulder-assist exosuit that supports to the elbows, designed to reduce strain on the shoulders and arms while working with tools, parts and materials at and above table level.

* Universal size harness with swappable springs
* Up to 13.2 pounds constant support
* Reduces muscular activity of biceps by 32%
* Reduces muscular activity of deltoids by 16%
* No negative postural or balance effects

* 12% more comfort for lifts when worn
* Extremely lightweight at less than 2.9 pounds
* 50 seconds to don; 20 seconds to doff
* Water repellant, breathable fabric construction

Ergo Sante Hapo & Hapo-SD

Alpha Quantix: US: Nationwide Distribution


Mid to Lower Back Soft Exoskeleton
Ground to Waist Lift Support

The only back-assist soft exoskeleton without supports or packs on or protruding from the wearer's back, providing increased comfort and improved user experience. Upper trunk pectoral support is provided by partially redirecting energy through side springs to the thighs.

* Up to 20% relief from back strain
* Does not interfere with lift posture
* Available in 3 sizes that cover all user sizes
* Improved endurance and task precision
* Increase safety and mitigate risk of injury

* Breathable & washable fabric-based construction
* Available with on/off switch (hapo-sd, shown)
* Donning in 40 seconds; doffing in 15 seconds
* Extremely lightweight and comfortable (2.2 lbs)

Smart Safety Vests

German Bionic Smart Vest

Alpha Quantix: US Nationwide Distribution


Smart Safety Vest
Collects/Reports Ergonomic & Productivity Data

* High-visibility PPE vests
* Ergonomic & geolocation sensors
* Recharged as needed at docking station
* Cloud-based data insights platform
* Infinitely scalable for large teams

Analyze ergonomic and process data custom to your work place through the cloud-based IO platform. Improve your workplace safety ecosystem with actionable ergonomic and process improvement suggestions.

Smart safety vests are quickly donned & doffed like any other. The sensor unit is inserted for use and removed for recharging in the docking station. Data is uploaded to the cloud-based software platforms when docked.


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