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Predictive Index

Scientifically validated behavioral analytics and cognitive analytics, together with best-in-class management training

Predictive Index Solutions

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Assessments To Improve Selection, Engagement & Productivity

Predictive Index Behavioral Assessments

 Predictive Index Behavioral Assessments objectify workplace behaviors so you can predict your people's drives and motivations, be a better manager, and communicate more effectively.

The assessments are simple, highly effective, and scientifically-validated - measuring four core behavioral drives and providing a simple framework for understanding workplace behaviors.

In its 60+ years, Predictive Index has administered more than 21 million assessments backed by more than 800 validity studies. Its assessments are available in over 70 languages an currently in use around the world. 

Tools & Training to Improve Employee Selection

Predictive Index Training

 As much as 80% of employee turnover is due to a bad hiring decision. Harvard Business Review.

Why Are We Lousy at Hiring? The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. Yet, when it comes to successfully attracting, selecting, and onboarding the best-fitting candidates, businesses seem to double down on the same old selection and interview techniques.

Predictive Index tools and training enable you to consider factors that reach far beyond anything you would see on a resume or be able to pick up in an interview.

It's not only about the briefcase, it's also about the head and heart. 

Tools & Training to Increase Employee Engagement

Predictive Index Training

Organizations with highly engaged workforces have managers invested in understanding and supporting their employees. Hard skills training is important, but managers also need to maximize employees' soft skills. The best managers identify and focus on their employees' superpowers to help them grow stronger.

Every employee has different drives and needs. It's up to managers to realize that different employees require different management techniques.

Predictive Index provides tools and teaches a simple methodology that allows managers to increase engagement though understanding their employees' distinct drives, needs, and behaviors. 

Catalyst: An Online Community Providing Education & Support

Predictive Index Community

 Join Predictive Index's global community. PI is one of the most widely adopted management and human resources solutions around the globe. PI's Catalyst community you can connect you with like-minded professionals in your own neighborhood and around the world.

Catalyst is also your way to explore and learn more. Gather the information you need - whether about hiring processes, managing better or even the science behind PI. It's all there.

And, you can get free things from Catalyst too! Share your knowledge by providing tips and tricks, note your observations on human (and manager) behavior, and submit your reviews to earn valuable gift cards, gourmet food experiences, tech goodies, and more...

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