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We are a boutique Orange County, California office of experienced advisors and trainers that provide employee performance analytics, employee performance metrics, and management training solutions to leading local, regional and global enterprises throughout North America.

Assessments & Metrics

We provide scientifically-validated assessment analytics and performance metrics to ensure a detailed understanding of human behavior, culture and productivity.

Management Training

Our in-person, instructor-led management training programs have carefully crafted curriculum to ensure swift adoption and direct return on investment across.

Certified Partnerships

We are a Predictive Index Certified Partner and also provide various other talent acquisition, engagement, culture, soft skills, performance and productivity related solutions.

Our Solutions

We help businesses be the best they can be by providing the analytics and metrics to keep managers focused on their people's AQs – their Alpha Qualities.

Solutions Based in Science, Backed by Experience & Fully Customizable 

Research has shown that business success is highly dependent upon the success and contributions of the people. It’s not just a matter of education, training and experience. The best people are able to achieve greater success by understanding and developing their strongest interpersonal and soft skill advantages. We call these "Alpha Qualities".

Best in class organizations are able to achieve greater success by identifying and quantifying their people’s Alpha Qualities and culture of their organization. Once managers understand the primary drivers for their people, they can develop their people's soft skills, engagement, and culture and collectively achieve higher levels of success. 

Our solutions are rooted in science.

While there are many purveyors of behavioral, cognitive, cultural and quantitative tools, many are made up "on the fly" by enterprising entrepreneurs. We select only "best in class" partners who provide valid, proven solutions backed by science.

Our solutions are backed by experience.

Wisdom is only acquired from experience; we only offer solutions of partners with substantial experience. Our requirements: millions of assessments, hundreds of validity studies, and decades of real world implementation. Nothing less.

Our solutions are customized & scalable.

Not all behavioral, cognitive and cultural tools are both customizable and scalable. Ours are. We customize and scale them for implementation as needed, whether by a local business, a regional player or a substantial global enterprise.

Recent Seminars & Training Sessions

A few of our recent events...

Recent Client Projects

Some representative recent engagements...

Global Luxury Automobile Manufacturer

Behavioral analytics and cognitive analytics (PI "Professional" and "Learning Indicator") subscription and onsite management training, including "PI Practitioner" and "Managing to Perform", for the service retention group of a leading global luxury auto manufacturer. Implementation in division of North American corporate headquarters and with an eye to dealer initiatives.

Regional Luxury Automobile Dealer Group

Behavioral analytics (PI "Professional" subscription) together with onsite management training, including "PI Practitioner" training and customized Alpha Quantix soft skills training, for the business development group of a leading Southwestern US luxury auto dealership group. Implementation in group headquarters in Orange County, California, and with an eye to further implementation in regional dealerships

National Retail Brands Consultancy

Behavioral analytics and cognitive analytics (PI "Professional" and "Learning Indicator")subscription together with onsite management training, including "PI Practitioner" training, for management and key personnel of national retail luxury brand consultanting firm. Implementation in various regions throughout the United States.

North American Consumer Products Manufacturer

Behavioral analytics subscription and onsite management training, including "PI Practitioner" and "Managing to Perform", for the manufacturing operations of a leading global home products manufacturer headquartered in Southern California and with manufacturing facilities in the US and Mexico.

Independent Film Studio

Behavioral analytics together with customized Alpha Quantix onsite management soft skills training, for the owner/operators of local Orange COunty, California, independent film and video producers with in-house production facilities

Regional Security Service

Behavioral analytics (PI "Professional" subscription) together with offsite management training, including "PI Practitioner" training, for management of a regional southwestern states security and guard service company. Implementation at corporate headquarters in San Bernardino County (Inland Empire), California.

Regional Credit Union

Behavioral analytics (PI "Professional" subscription) together with onsite management training, including "PI Practitioner" training, for the entire organization (management, administration, tellers and branch managers) of a local Southern California credit union. Implementation in multiple branch locations throughout San Diego and Orange County, California.

Local QSR Restaurant Group

Behavioral analytics together with onsite customized soft skills training, for local Southern California quick serve restaurant (QSR) group with multipe dine-in and drive-thru restaurant locations. Implementation in corporate headquarters and multiple restaurant locations in Orange County, California.


Some reflections of our clients and associates...

“Wow! Incredible insight for business owners, executives and investors. You'll understand the value when you see it in action.”

“Great analytics and metrics. Franchisors and their franchisees need fast, accurate and cost-effective solutions like this.”

“I have personally taken and have used many different assessment tools in my 40+ years of management. I have never had an assessment tool as easy to use and as accurate as the Predictive Index behavioral assessments offered by Robert Curtis of Alpha Quantix.”

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