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The future is already here. To be competitive your business needs equipment - even advanced automation and robotics. And your business needs the right people integrated with that technology too.

Be Ready For Your Future. Today.

Alpha Quantix

Equipment Financing & Leasing

All The Best Available Options

Leasing Options

$1.00 Residual Purchase - FMV Leases - Fixed Value Leases - Operating Leases - Step Payment Leases - True Leases - More

Transaction Options

Seller Financing - Sale Leasebacks - Refinancing - Private Sales - Lease/Warrants - Coterminous Financing - More

Alternate Collateral

Software Only Leases - Tenant Improvements - Purchase & Install Equipment - Asset-Backed Lease - Creative Structures - More

All Industries &
All Equipment Types

Special Situations

Advanced Automation
& Robotics

Finding funds for innovative and new technologies can be challenging. We can do it!

Credit Challenged
& Startups

Whether you are a new business or have unusual challenges, we have helped many others with the same challenges.

Tenant Improvements
& Fixtures

We have sources for financing everything - even things that are bolted down!

Four Ways to Get It Going

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Employee Analytics

Hire the best. Manage the best. Be the best.


It's all about productivity.

Behavioral Assessments
Cognitive Assessments
Engagement Reviews

Best in class organizations are able to achieve greater success by identifying and quantifying their people’s soft skills, engagement and culture levels. We call these their "Alpha Qualities" or "AQs". When AQs are quantified, managers can develop them and provide meaningful help so that their people can achieve higher levels of productivity.


Management Training & Front Line Training

Research has shown that business success is highly dependent upon the success and contributions of the people. It’s not just a matter of education, training and experience. The best people are able to achieve greater success by understanding and developing their strongest interpersonal and soft skill advantages.

Rooted in Science

While there are many purveyors of behavioral, cognitive, cultural and quantitative tools, many are made up "on the fly" by enterprising entrepreneurs. We select only "best in class" partners who provide valid, proven solutions backed by science.

Backed by Experience

Wisdom is only acquired from experience; we only offer solutions of partners with substantial experience. Our requirements: millions of assessments, hundreds of validity studies, and decades of real world implementation. Nothing less.

Customizable & Scalable

Not all behavioral, cognitive and cultural tools are both customizable and scalable. Ours are. We customize and scale them for implementation as needed, whether by a local business, a regional player or a substantial global enterprise.

About Us

Our Story

We help leading businesses get the resources you need to acquire new equipment, including advanced automation and robotics, and to integrate that technology with your workforce.

We have access to equipment financing that others don't - low rate and low cost financing available for special circumstances like financing for traditional equipment acquisitions as well as for new technology, for startups and for poor credit situations. 

We also help you integrate and obtain maxium productivity from your operations with employee performance analytics, employee performance metrics, and management training solutions.

Our Clients

Our current and past clients include every type of business, from large, multinational manufacturers to small and mid-sized local businesses.

Our Testimonials

“Wow! Incredible insight for business owners, executives and investors. You'll understand the value when you see it in action.”

“I have personally used many different assessment tools in my 40+ years of management. I have never had an assessment tool as easy to use and as accurate as the assessments offered by Robert Curtis of Alpha Quantix.”

“Great analytics and metrics. Franchisors and their franchisees need fast, accurate and cost-effective solutions like this.”


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Newport Beach, CA 92658


Phone: 877-QUANTIX
Fax: 877-877-6849